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* Sorry, We are not accepting new clients at the moment. Please check back soon.




We are a team of music industry veterans specialized in the rock/metal genre. We work every angle of the music business, from preparing and guiding a band's first steps into the music scene, to building the brand, analyzing the music, marketing and creating an identity

for existing bands or solo artists seeking a record deal, or wishing to stay independent with a DYI approach.


We are a proven successful management company, taking bands from beginner stages and boosting them to headliner status, playing to thousands of fans with major success. We have the ability to negotiate contracts on a band's behalf, coach bands for live shows, assist

in finding the right music producer, artwork designer, video producer, publisher and/or record label. We have done it all.


Preparing a band's career the right way is a very important part of being successful. A musical career is a difficult task, which requires connections, patience, the know-how and sound advice from people who have been dealing with different circumstances on the ground. We at Hard Impact, have 20 years of experience in the trenches.



Our services include:

   • Consulting, shopping & negotiating for record deals

   • Preparing bands for live shows and touring 

   • Working digital marketing with social media platforms

   • Build strategic/tailored plans for healthy progress and exposure.


We have many connections with the top producers, video directors, cover art designers, graphic designers, band merchandise, record labels and publishers, etc. Depending on the budget, we can find the right team to bring a musical project to life. We are also affiliated with two of the most important Heavy Metal agencies in the world - Continental Touring for North America/South America and Decibel Touring for Europe/Russia/Asia within our consulting service.

Whether you want to be an artist signed to a record label or a DYI artist, we can guide you on both directions and give your band the best chances at success. If you are a signed band and need some advice and guidance, we can also help on that level.

For more information on our Consulting service* please email us:

*Limited space available 

Please note that we currently have a full roster on our Management division, therefore we are not accepting any bands submissions for the time being.

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