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Hard Impact Music Management started in 2008 in Chicago, Illinois by two seasoned veterans of the music industry and it specializes in hard & heavy music. Maurizio Iacono, started as the bass player of veteran and world known extreme metal act Kataklysm, has toured the world since the age of 19 and has successfully self managed Kataklysm for most of its career. 


Maurizio quickly learned what it takes to make a career work in the music business; in addition, Maurizio worked for several record labels such as Cargo records and Hypnotic entertainment where he learned the insides of the industry adding to his vision and work ethic. Maurizio brings a wide knowledge of the touring artist from the ground up but also of strategics that can help bands grow and avoid the dangerous pitfalls that exist in today's music business; being a musician himself, he assures that nothing is more important but to be advised by someone who has been there and is a soldier of the field. 


Maurizio's partner and good friend Steph Mellul formed Brave Concerts International in Montreal, Quebec Canada in the 90's. Within only a few years, Steph's hard and dedicated work ethic gained him much praise and respect. Brave concerts is until this day the leading booking company for metal music in Quebec, Canada.

Having relocated to USA , Steph runs the office out of Los Angeles, California and Maurizio remains in Chicago, Illinois, the two bring experience and inside information from the booking process, to the touring strategics, to album negotiations and marketing.


The name says it all : HARD IMPACT, because that is what the mission is, to deliver the impact and make a difference, to give deserving bands a real chance to shine with their art.


"Without music, life would be a mistake."

-Friedrich Nietzsche.  

Maurizio Iacono
Stephan Mellul
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